Our talented team offers a wide variety of services to ensure that you receive a treatment plan that fits your specific needs. Learn more about the treatments that we administer.

What We Do


Telemedicine allows patients to call or video chat into appointments with therapists and physicians. With less time for commuting and more flexibility in scheduling, telemedicine makes treatment more accessible.


Psychotherapists help patients to talk through and understand their emotions and patterns of thought. This is effective with a wide variety of mental illnesses, and can be used in the short term to help process and cope traumas such as illness or loss of a loved one, as well as in the long term to combat conditions such as Major Depressive Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Medication Management

Because medication is sometimes necessary in treatment, our specialists help patients to take the proper dosage and closely monitor their progress. As the patient continues to progress, the physician will adjust the amount of medication prescribed accordingly.

Supplement Management

In some cases, prescribed medicine may not be necessary or even the best course of action, such as with allergies or intolerances to certain medications. Our specialists can prescribe natural supplements in these circumstances that will provide an alternative means of assistance. Physicians will continue to monitor patients' progress with these supplements, and adjust the prescription as needed.

Independent Evaluations

Specialists at Strive Psychiatric can perform an evaluation to give patients a clear diagnosis so that they have a better understanding of the illnesses they are facing, and they can learn about potential steps to treat and manage their unique situation.

Genetic Testing

Because of the role that genetics play in our overall health, it's useful to understand the unique genetic patterns of individual patients. Genetic testing allows our specialists to know how one's body may react to various kinds of medications or supplements, and to plan accordingly.